Samothraki Bio Farm history

When we first started this farm it was about a dream coming true. Now, it has become a vision to produce fresh and healthy food products for our community and people around the world ,who really need them in low cost, preserve agricultural land, and offer inspiration to a new generation of farmers, in a country struggling to escape an economic crisis.


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From grandfather to grandchildren
Here at Samothraki Bio Farm we operate a medium scale beehive & olive grove  operation that was originally founded in 1978 by our ambitious and experienced Grandfather Stratis Limnios ,an experience agronomist and farmer . In 2015 we created and operate the company under a Greek name and meant to deliver high quality Honey & Olive-oil for the local markets in Greece. Located in North Greece,  to the stunning rock formations and mountain of Samothraki, with a mild, Mediterranean climate, clean and ample water and power supplies, as well as a perfect road infrastructure to the main cities Athens and Thessaloniki, the project was on a good road to success.
We took entrepreneurial risk at a time when Europe was struck by a deep economic crisis and Greek in particular went into an economic tailspin, that brought the country close to bankruptcy.
Our motivation hero
Samothraki Bio Farm  today 
Samothraki Bio Farm  is in its third year of production now. All our beehives enjoyed the most urgent repair works and currently we are in the middle of the peak harvest season. SamothrakiBioFarm focuses on the production of raw honey, greek & wild tea, Olive oil, spice and herbs. We are using hydroponic cultivation methods. These methods allow us to save up to 80% of water compared to traditional farming, making farming more sustainable.
The flip-side of Hydroponics is, that we will never get an “organic”-certificate because in almost all countries worldwide, organic certificates are only granted to traditional farmers. SamothrakiFarm produces premium quality, healthy and nutritious honey & herbs  without use of pesticides or herbicides. In our bee farms our hives don’t easily develop and spread diseases, which makes the use of herbicides unnecessary. Greenhouse farming allows full climate-control throughout the year, i.e. we can create the climate that our plants need to enable best growth and perfect harvest results.
About our extra virgin OliveOil
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by SAMOTHRAKI BIO FARM.
A product of limited organic cultivation, made only hours after the harvest of Olive trees. Extracted by cold extraction method and bottled by hand.
Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification. It should have no defects and a flavor of fresh olives.
In chemical terms extra virgin olive oil is described as having a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, of not more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams and a peroxide value of less than 20 mill equivalent O2. (our olive oil has 0,3acidity)It must be produced entirely by mechanical means without the use of any solvents, and under temperatures that will not degrade the oil (less than 86°F, 30°C).
Olive oil tasters describe the "positive attributes" using the following terms:
Fruity: Having pleasant spicy fruit flavors characteristic of fresh ripe or green olives. Ripe fruit yields oils that are milder, aromatic, buttery, and floral. 
Green fruit yields oils that are grassy, herbaceous, bitter, and pungent. Fruitiness also varies with the variety of olive.
Bitter: Creating a mostly pleasant acrid flavor sensation on the tongue.
Pungent: Creating a peppery sensation in the mouth and throat. 
Harvesting olives in our olive grove 

If you taste our oil, it will be a sense that you remember forever!
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About our Raw Honey 
As Greece is very green Country (60% forest), Greek bees are collecting nectar in unspoiled nature. Therefor Greek honey has a special smell, taste and aroma. It is our national treasure.
Greece is a country with rich tradition of cultivation of bees and is the only European Union Member State to have protected its native bee, the Mediterranean bee. The Mediterranean bee is famed for its docility, hard work, humility and excellent sense of orientation.
Crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon that sooner or later occurs in honey without any chemical alterations to its composition. The speed of crystallization depends on the sugar composition of honey (the glucose/fructose ratio), the amount of water in it and the storage temperature. Put the glass of crystallized honey in warm water and the crystals will liquefy. 
Our honey IS NOT heated over 45 ºC, because otherwise it loses all medicinal properties.
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Why this project is important
As we mentioned above, Greece is still in economic crisis and SamothrakiBioFarm wants to be an example of how investments in this beautiful country can create change. Domestic investments by local companies are crucial to create employment opportunities especially for the young people (youth unemployment rate in Greece is around 40%) and local production of healthy and high-quality food should help to balance the cheap and low-quality imports from other countries and offer a healthy food alternative to the Greek people. Finally, sustainable (hydroponic) farming concepts should contribute to the environment, water conservation and the END of fertilizer use. 

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